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General Information

The MLST databases on this site are part of the University of Warwick Medical School WEB site, hosted in the Division of Microbiology and Infection. The databases are presented within a publicly available Zope environment based on generic html pages that call server-based Python scripts. Please see the links on the individual database pages for details that are specific to each microorganism.

Database structure:
SQL tables implemented in PostgreSQL that contain information on bacterial strains, sequence types and for each of the gene loci for which alleles have been defined. The databases are serviced by an automaton that reinitializes at least once per 24 h and updates the databases at that time to include any new data that has been submitted. The strain and ST tables are available for downloading in CSV format and the alleles in FASTA format with two exceptions. Private information on bacterial isolates is only released to the user who has submitted them and those other users to whom permission has been explicitly granted. The programs are available on request to the WEBmaster.

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